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Introducing | Lola Bebe

L    O    L    A         B    E    B    EHeight: 175cm / 5' 8½'' | Bust:  81cm / 32'' | Waist:  61.5cm / 24'' | Hips:  86cm / 34'' | Shoes: 40EU / 9US Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Lola spent her early years in the charming town of Kerikeri, embracing a unique blend of Anglo-Indian heritage from her English father and Kiwi-born mother. Lola's journey into the world of modeling kicked off just a year ago when she was discovered in a juice shop during her daily commute. Fascinated by the industry, she delved deeper, sparking the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable career.DIGITALS | IG | BOOK
Outside the glamour of the fashion world, Lola is a fervent music enthusiast, with a special love for DJ'ing and crafting her own beats. Having been a roller-skater since childhood and once a volleyball team captain, Lola seamlessly weaves nostalgia into her leisure activities. In essence, Lola Bebe's biography is a vibrant tapestry of cultural richness, professional milestones, and a myriad of interests that make her an engaging and captivating individual in the realm of fashion and beyond.
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