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The Industry | Haley Snyder

Height: 175cm / 5' 9'' | Bust: 81cm / 32'' | Waist: 60cm / 23½'' | Hips: 87.5cm / 34½'' | Eyes: Green Hair: Brown | Shoes: 39.5EU / 8½US / 6½UKH    A    L    E    Y        S    N    Y    D    E    RBorn in California, Haley Snyder moved 15+ times over the course of her childhood, before finally settling down in Hawaii at the age of seventeen. Haley was a seasoned track star before she broke her leg in college, but soon after, she was scouted while working at her local CVS in Hawaii. From there, she moved to Australia to pursue her modeling career. With her unforgettable turquoise eyes and natural grace, it’s no surprise she’s now traveled the whole world, appearing in editorials for Grazia and Elle, as well as walking in the Jacquemus SS22 “Le Splash” show in Hawaii. Off duty, Haley is a voracious reader, consuming volumes on quantum physics, neuroscience, and spirituality, and despite her injury, Haley still loves to play sports and take dance classes. 

T    H    E        I    N    D    U    S    T    R    Y