For Balenciaga Fall 2023 Campaign by Creative Director Demna - The Industry Model Management
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Please be aware that there are individuals who falsely represent themselves as agents, scouts or ‘model recruiters’ for THE INDUSTRY MGMT GROUP. For your safety, do not engage with anyone claiming to be a representative for us unless you have had their identity verified. Please alert us immediately of any such contact so that we can verify their legitimacy or take appropriate action.

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For Balenciaga Fall 2023 Campaign By Creative Director Demna

Balenciaga Fall 23 is launching with images of models in a Balenciaga store dressing room taking selfies, wearing and surrounded by pieces that make up the collection: new and updated signature pieces, innovative accessories, and studies in the realms of tailoring and sustainability. Much of the jewelry, eyewear, and outerwear shells are made with recycled elements, including silver, polyester, nylon, and polyamide, or with bio-based materials.

For Balenciaga Fall 2023 Campaign by Creative Director Demna